WAC 388-408-0020

Effective March 1, 2011

WAC 388-408-0020 When am I not allowed to be in a TANF or SFA assistance unit?

Some people cannot be in an AU for TANF or SFA.  This section describes who cannot be in your TANF or SFA AU and how this will affect your benefits.

  1. We do not include the following people in your TANF or SFA AU:
    1. A minor parent or child who has been placed in Title IV-E, state, or locally-funded foster care unless the placement is a temporary absence under WAC 388-454-0015;
    2. An adult parent in a two-parent household when:
      1. The other parent is unmarried and under the age of eighteen; and
      2. We decide that your living arrangement is not appropriate under WAC 388-486-0005.
    3. A court-ordered guardian, court ordered custodian, or other adult acting in loco parentis (in the place of a parent) if they are not a relative of one of the children in the AU as defined under WAC 388-454-0010; or 
    4. Someone who gets SSI benefits.
  2. If someone that lives with you cannot be in the AU:
    1. We do not count them as a member of the AU when we determine the AU's payment standard; and
    2. We do not count their income unless they are financially responsible for a member of the AU under WAC 388-450-0095 through 388-450-0130.

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