WAC 388-410-0005

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-410-0005 Cash assistance overpayment amount and liability

  1. The amount of overpayment for cash assistance households is determined by the amount of assistance received to which the assistance unit was not entitled.

  2. Cash assistance overpayments are recovered from: 

    1. Any individual member of an overpaid assistance unit, whether or not the member is currently a recipient; or

    2. Any assistance unit of which a member of the overpaid assistance unit has subsequently become a member.

  3. A cash assistance overpayment is not recovered from:

    1. A nonneedy caretaker relative or guardian who received no financial benefit from the payment of assistance; or

    2. A person not receiving assistance when an unintentional overpayment of less than thirty-five dollars is discovered and/or computed.

  4. Overpayments resulting from incorrectly received cash assistance are reduced by:

    1. Cash assistance a household would have been eligible to receive from any other category of cash assistance during the period of ineligibility; and

    2. Child support the department collected for the month of overpayment in excess of the amount specified in (a) of this subsection; or

    3. Any existing grant underpayments.

  5. A cash assistance overpayment cannot be reduced by a food assistance underpayment.

  6. An underpayment from one assistance unit cannot be credited to another assistance unit to offset an overpayment.
  7. All overpayments occurring after January 1, 1982 are required to be repaid by mandatory grant deduction except where recovery is inequitable as specified in WAC 388-410-0010.

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