WAC 388-410-0025

Effective March 21, 2014

WAC 388-410-0025 Am I responsible for an overpayment in my assistance unit?

If your assistance unit (AU) received more Basic Food or WASHCAP benefits than it was supposed to receive, your AU has an overpayment. If you have an overpayment, we determine the amount you were overpaid and set up a claim to recover this overpayment.

  1. We set up an overpayment for the full amount your AU was overpaid for every adult AU member at the time your AU was overpaid.

  2. Each adult member is responsible for the whole overpayment until we recover the entire amount of the overpayment.  We do not collect more than the amount your AU was overpaid.

  3. If we determine you are responsible for an overpayment, you are responsible for the overpayment even if you are now in a different AU than you were when you had the overpayment.

  4. You may be responsible for a Basic Food or WASHCAP overpayment even if it was the department's fault you were overpaid.

  5. We do not apply equitable estoppel, as described under WAC 388-02-0495, to Basic Food or WASHCAP overpayments.

  6. We may reduce all or part of an overpayment if we determine you are unable to repay the balance or that doing so would be a hardship.  See WAC 388-410-0033.

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