WAC 388-410-0035

Effective June 18, 2011

WAC 388-410-0035 Are alien and alien sponsors jointly responsible for cash and food assistance overpayments?

1)    The following applies to cash assistance overpayments:  

a)    When a cash overpayment to a sponsored alien results from incorrect information provided by the alien’s sponsor, both the alien and their sponsor are jointly and individually liable for the cash assistance overpayment made to the sponsored alien during the three years after the alien's entry into the United States.

b)    Collection action is initiated against the sponsored alien's cash assistance unit for an inadvertent household error when:

                              i.        Collection action is taken first against the alien's sponsor; and

                             ii.        The alien's sponsor does not respond within thirty days; or

                            iii.        The sponsored alien provides incorrect information concerning the sponsor or sponsor's spouse through misunderstanding or unintended error.

2)    The following applies to food assistance overpayments:  

a)    Responsibility for food assistance overpayments under WAC 388-410-0025 also apply to sponsored alien assistance units.

b)    A sponsored alien is individually liable for any food assistance overpayment made to the sponsored alien.  The alien’s sponsor cannot be held liable for food assistance overpayments.

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