WAC 388-412-0035

Effective January 31, 1999

WAC 388-412-0035 Loss, theft, destruction or nonreceipt of a warrant issued to clients and vendors.

The following applies to replacements of warrants issued to clients and to vendors. 

  1. The department does not replace a warrant or the cash proceeds from a warrant which was endorsed by a client or vendor.

  2. Clients or vendors asking for a replacement of a warrant which was not endorsed by them must:

    1. Complete a notarized affidavit;

    2. Provide all facts surrounding the loss, theft, destruction or nonreceipt of the warrant; and

    3. File a report with the police or the post office, as appropriate.

  3. If a client is eligible to receive a replacement, the warrant is issued:

    1. On or before the tenth of the month in which the warrant was due; or

    2. Within five working days of the date the decision is made to replace the warrant, whichever is later.

  4. A client or vendor is issued the full amount of the original warrant if the warrant is replaced.

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