WAC 388-412-0040

Effective October 14, 2011

WAC 388-412-0040 Can I get my benefits replaced?

Under certain conditions, we may replace your benefits.

1.    You may get your EBT cash and/or food assistance benefits replaced if:

a.        We make a mistake that causes you to lose benefits;

b.        The EBT card mailed to you is stolen from the mail; you never had the ability to use the benefits; and you lost benefits;

c.        You left a drug or alcohol treatment facility on or before the fifteenth of the month and the facility does not have enough food assistance benefits in their EBT account for one-half of the allotment that they owe you;

d.        Your EBT benefits that were recently deposited into an inactive EBT account were canceled by mistake; or

e     The food that your household purchased with food assistance benefits was destroyed in a household disaster or misfortune.

                             i.       For us to replace your benefits, you must report the loss to the department within ten days from the date of the loss.

                           ii.      We replace the amount of your loss, up to a one-month benefit amount.

2.    We will not replace your benefits if your loss is for a reason other than those listed in subsection (1) above if:

a.      We decided that your request is fraudulent;

b.      Your food assistance benefits were lost, stolen or misplaced after you received them;

c.      You already received two replacements for food destroyed in household disaster or misfortune within the last five months; or

d.      You received disaster supplemental nutrition assistance program (D-SNAP) benefits for the same month you requested a replacement for food assistance.

3.    EBT cards. It is your responsibility to keep track of your household's EBT card.

a.        If you have multiple EBT cards replaced, we may suspect you to be trafficking benefits as described under WAC 388-412-0046 (2)(d).

b     If we suspect trafficking, we will refer your case for investigation by the office of fraud and accountability. Persons trafficking in food assistance benefits may be subject to fines, disqualification from food assistance, and legal action including criminal prosecution.

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