WAC 388-416-0005

Effective October 16, 2011

WAC 388-416-0005 How long can I get Basic Food?

  1. The length of time the department determines your assistance unit (AU) is eligible to get Basic Food is called a certification period.   The department may certify your AU for up to twelve months, unless: 
    1. You receive food assistance under WASHCAP, we set your certification period under WAC 388-492-0090.
    2. You receive transitional food assistance, we set your certification period under WAC 388-489-0015.
  2. We terminate your Basic Food benefits before the end of your certification period in subsection (1) if:
    1. You fail to complete a mid-certification review as described under WAC 388-418-0011;
    2. We get proof of a change that makes your AU ineligible; or
    3. We get information that your AU is ineligible and you  do not provide needed information to verify your AU's circumstances.

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