WAC 388-418-0007

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-418-0007 When do I have to report changes in my circumstances?

  1. If your household has a change of circumstances you are not required to report under  WAC 388-418-0005, then you do not need to contact us about this change. If you tell us about this change, we take action based on the new information. This includes: 

    1. Asking for more information we need to determine your eligibility and benefits under WAC 388-490-0005;

    2. Increasing your benefits when we have proof of a change that makes you eligible for more benefits; or

    3. Reducing or stopping your benefits based on the change.  

  2. If you are applying for benefits and have had a change:

    1. After the date you applied but before your interview, you must report the change during your interview; or

    2. After you have been interviewed, you must report changes that we require someone who receives benefits to report as described under WAC 388-418-0005 You must report this change by the 10th day of the month following the month the change happened.

  3. If you receive cash assistance or Basic Food, you must report changes required under WAC 388-418-0005 by the 10th day of the month following the month the change happened.

  4. For a change in income, the date a change happened is the date you receive income based on this change. For example, the date of your first paycheck for a new job, or the date of a paycheck showing a change in your wage or salary.

  5. If we require you to complete a mid-certification review you must complete the review as described under WAC 388-418-0011 in order to keep receiving benefits.

  6. If you receive TANF / SFA, and you learn that a child in your assistance unit (AU) will be gone from your home longer than one hundred eighty days, you must tell us about this within five calendar days from the date you learn this information.

    1. If you do not report this within five days, the child's caretaker is not eligible for cash benefits for one month; and

    2. We continue to budget the ineligible person's countable income as described in WAC 388-450-0162 to determine the benefits for the people still in the AU.

  7. If you report changes late, you may receive the wrong amount or wrong type of benefits. If you receive more benefits than you are eligible for, you may have to pay them back as described in Chapter 388-410 WAC.

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