WAC 388-424-0020

Effective July 1, 2012

WAC 388-424-0020 How does my alien status impact my eligibility for federally-funded Basic Food benefits?

  1. If you are a U.S. citizen or U.S. national as defined in WAC 388-424-0001 and meet all other eligibility requirements, you may receive federal Basic Food benefits.
  2. If you are not a U.S. citizen or U.S. national, you must fall within (a) or (b) of this subsection, and meet all other eligibility requirements, in order to receive federal Basic Food benefits:
    1. You are a member of one of the following groups of lawful immigrants as defined in WAC 388-424-0001:
      1. Amerasian;
      2. Asylee;
      3. Cuban or Haitian entrant;
      4. Deportation or removal withheld;
      5. Refugee;
      6. Special immigrant from Iraq or Afghanistan;
      7. Victim of trafficking;
      8. Noncitizen American Indian; or
      9. Hmong or Highland Lao tribal member.
      1. You are a member of one of the following groups of qualified aliens as defined in WAC 388-424-0001:
        1. Conditional entrant;
        2. Lawful permanent resident (LPR);
        3. Paroled for one year or more; or
        4. Abused spouse or child or parent or child of an abused spouse or child.
      2. And, one of the following also applies to you:
        1. You have worked or can get credit for forty Social Security Administration (SSA) work quarters, as described in WAC 388-424-0008;
        2. You are an active duty personnel or honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. military or you are the spouse, unmarried surviving spouse, or unmarried dependent child of someone who meets this requirement, as described in WAC 388-424-0007;
        3. You receive cash or medical benefits based on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) criteria for blindness or disability;
        4. You have lived in the U.S. as a "qualified alien" as described in WAC 388-424-0001 for at least five years;
        5. You are under age eighteen; or
        6. You were lawfully residing in the U.S. on August 22, 1996 and were born on or before August 22, 1931.
    2. If you are a legal immigrant not eligible for federal benefits under Basic Food only because of your alien status, you may be eligible for state-funded food assistance program (FAP) benefits under WAC 388-400-0050.

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