WAC 388-436-0045

Effective June 11, 2008

WAC 388-436-0045 Income deductions for CEAP.

The following deductions are allowed when determining the CEAP assistance unit's net income:  
  1. A ninety dollar work expense from each member's earned income;

  2. Actual payments made by a member with earned income for care of a member child up to the following maximums:

Hours Worked Per Month Each Child Under Two Years Each Child Two Years Or Older
0 - 40 $ 50.00 $ 43.75
41 - 80 100.00 87.50
81 - 120 150.00 131.25
121 or More 200.00 175.00
  1. Verified expenses for members of the assistance unit during the current month as follows:

    1. Medical bills;

    2. Child care paid in an emergency in order to avoid abuse;

    3. Dental care to relieve pain; or

    4. Costs incurred in obtaining employment.

    5. For Disaster CEAP, disaster-related expenses and/or losses suffered as a result of the disaster if the expense and/or loss is not anticipated to be reimbursed during the month of application.

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