WAC 388-436-0060

Effective June 11, 2008

WAC 388-436-0060 How much money can I receive from the Disaster Cash Assistance Program (DCAP)?

The amount of money you can get from DCAP depends on your available resources, income and household size as determined below:


1.      Available resources and income are determined by using WAC 388-436-0035. Excluded resources and income is in WAC 388-436-0040.

2.      We determine your income based on gross anticipated income for the month of application.


3.      The maximum amount of money you can receive depends on the size of your household as determined by WAC 388-456-0050 (2).

4.      Your household consists of anyone living with you who you are financial responsibility for or you share financial responsibility for the household such as:

a. Your spouse,

b. Domestic partner, or

c. Your children or step-children.

5.      How much DCAP you may receive is determined according to calculations described in WAC 388-436-0050 (3).

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