WAC 388-437-0001

Effective December 9, 2005

WAC 388-437-0001 Disaster food stamp program.

  1. In the event of a disaster, the department works with the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) to change some requirements for the Washington Basic Food program and help ensure that people in a disaster area have access to food. This is known as the disaster food stamp program. 

  2. If the President of the United States has declared a portion of the state as a federal disaster area, we ask FNS to allow use of the disaster food stamp program for the areas impacted by the disaster. Both of the following conditions must be met:

    1. People's normal access to buy food has been disrupted; and

    2. These commercial channels have since been restored with reasonable access and sufficient food supplies as determined by FNS.

  3. The department will implement any disaster food stamp program as approved by FNS.

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