WAC 388-444-0035

Effective December 18, 2010

WAC 388-444-0035 Who is exempt from ABAWD work requirements?

Some persons receiving Basic Food are exempt from ABAWD work requirements.  You are exempt from the ABAWD requirements under WAC 388-444-0030  if you are:


  1. Under eighteen or fifty years of age or older; 
  2. Determined to be physically or mentally unable to work;
  3. A member of a household with responsibility for a person who is incapacitated;
  4. An adult in a household that has a member who is under the age of eighteen, even if the child is not eligible for Basic Food;
  5. Pregnant;
  6. Living in an area approved as exempt by the U.S. Department of Agriculture;
  7. Complying with the work requirements of an employment and training program under temporary assistance for needy families (TANF);
  8. Applying for or receiving unemployment compensation;
  9. A student enrolled at least half time as defined by the institution in:
    1. Any accredited school;
    2. Training program; or
    3. Institution of higher education.  A student enrolled in higher education must meet the requirements under WAC 388-482-0005 in order to be eligible for Basic Food.
  1. Participating in a chemical dependency treatment and rehabilitation program;
  2. Employed a minimum of thirty hours per week or receiving weekly earnings which equal the minimum hourly rate multiplied by thirty hours;
  3. Eligible for one of the annual federal-approved exemption slots under the fifteen percent exemption rule.

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