WAC 388-444-0050

Effective October 1, 2010

WAC 388-444-0050 What is good cause for failing to meet Basic Food work requirements?

1)    If we have registered you for work, you may have a good reason (good cause) for refusing or failing to meet work requirements under WAC 388-444-0005.

2)    Good cause reasons include, but are not limited to:

a.    You were injured or ill;

b.    A household member who needs your help was injured or ill;

c.    A household emergency;

d.    The unavailability of transportation; or

e.    Lack of adequate dependent care for children six through twelve years of age.

3)    If we determine that you do not have good cause for failing or refusing to meet the work requirements under WAC 388-444-0005, you will be disqualified from receiving Basic Food as described under WAC 388-444-0055.

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