WAC 388-444-0075

Effective November 22, 2013

WAC 388-444-0075 What are the penalties if I quit a job or reduce my work effort without good cause?

1.    If you have applied for Basic Food and have voluntarily quit a job or reduced your work effort as defined under WAC 388-444-0065 without good cause within sixty days before applying for Basic Food, we deny your application and you must have a penalty period as described under subsection (3) from the date of your application. 

2.    If you already receive Basic Food and you quit your job or reduce your work effort without good cause, we send you a letter notifying you that you will be disqualified from Basic Food.  The disqualification in subsection (3) of this section begins the first of the month following the notice of adverse action.

3.    You are disqualified for the following minimum periods of time and until the conditions in subsection (4) of this section are met:

a.    For the first quit or reduction of work effort, one month;

b.    For the second quit or reduction of work effort, three months; and

c.    For the third or subsequent quit or reduction of work effort, six months.

4.    You may re-establish eligibility after serving the disqualification period, if you comply with the work requirements under WAC 388-444-0005 and are otherwise eligible.

5.    If you become exempt from work registration under WAC 388-444-0010, we end your disqualification for a job quit or reduction of work effort unless you are exempt because you are applying for or receiving unemployment compensation (UC), or participating in an employment and training program under TANF.

6.    If you are disqualified and move from the assistance unit and join another assistance unit, we continue to treat you as an ineligible member of the new assistance unit for the remainder of the disqualification period.

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