WAC 388-449-0050

Effective June 1, 2012

WAC 388-449-0050 How does the department determine the severity of multiple impairments?

1.    If you have more than one impairment, we decide the overall severity rating by determining if your impairments have a combined effect on your ability to be gainfully employed.

2.    When you have two or more diagnosed impairments that limit work activities, we assign an overall severity rating as follows:

Your Condition

Severity Rating

(i) All impairments are mild and there is no cumulative effect on basic work activities. 


(ii) All impairments are mild  and there is a significant cumulative effect on one or more basic work activities.


(iii) Two or more impairments are of moderate severity and there is a very significant cumulative effect on basic work activities.


(iv) Two or more impairments are of marked severity. 


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