WAC 388-449-0080

Effective June 1, 2012

WAC 388-449-0080 Sequential Evaluation Process step IV — How does the department evaluate if I am able to perform relevant past work?

1.    If we neither deny disability at Step 1 or 2 nor approve it at Step 3, we consider our assessment of your physical and/or mental functional capacity, per WAC 388-449-0020, WAC 388-449-0030, to determine if you can do work you have done in the past.   

2.    We evaluate your work experience to determine if you have relevant past work and transferable skills. "Relevant past work" means work:

a.    Defined as substantial gainful activity per WAC 388-449-0005;

b.    You have performed in the past ten years; and

c.    You performed long enough to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to continue performing the job. You must meet the specific vocational preparation level as defined in Appendix C of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

3.    For each relevant past work situation, we compare:

a.    The exertional, non-exertional, and skill requirements of the job based on the Appendix C of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

b.    Current cognitive, social, exertional and non-exertional factors that significantly limit your ability to perform past work.

4.    We deny disability when we determine you are able to perform any of your relevant past work.

5.    We approve disability when you are fifty-five years of age or older and don't have the physical, cognitive, or social ability to perform past work.

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