WAC 388-449-0150

Effective June 1, 2012

WAC 388-449-0150 When does my eligibility for the Aged, Blind, or Disabled (ABD) cash benefits end?

1.    The maximum period of eligibility for ABD cash is twenty four-months before we must review additional medical evidence. If you remain on ABD cash at the end of the twenty-four month period, we determine your eligibility using current medical evidence.

2.    If your application for SSI is denied:

a.    We review your eligibility for the ABD cash program;

b.    We stop your benefits if you do not provide proof you have filed an appeal with SSA within sixty days of a SSI denial for not being disabled.

3.    We stop your benefits after the final decision on your application for SSI/SSA benefits or if you fail to follow through with any part of the SSI/SSA application or appeals process.

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