WAC 388-449-0210

Effective June 1, 2012

WAC 388-449-0210 What is interim assistance and how do I assign it to the department?

The ABD and SSI programs both provide cash assistance to meet your basic needs. You cannot receive this assistance for the same time period from both programs. When you are approved for or reinstated on SSI, you may receive a back payment. When we made GA, DL, or ABD payments to you or on your behalf for the same time period, you must assign your interim assistance to repay us.

1.    "Assign" means that you sign a written authorization for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to send the SSI retroactive payment to us.

2.     "Interim assistance" means the monetary value of benefits we paid to you or on your behalf during:

a.    The time between your SSI application date and the month recurring SSI payments begin; or

b.    The period your SSI payments were suspended or terminated, and later reinstated.

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