WAC 388-449-0220

Effective November 1, 2011

WAC 388-449-0220 How does alcohol or drug dependence affect my eligibility for the ABD cash and Pregnant Women Assistance programs?

1.    You must complete a chemical dependency assessment when we have information that indicates you may be chemically dependent.

2.    You must accept an assessment referral and participate in drug or alcohol treatment if a certified chemical dependency counselor indicates a need for treatment, unless you meet one of the following good cause reasons:

a.    We determine that your physical or mental health impairment prevents you from participating in treatment.

b.    The outpatient chemical dependency treatment you need isn't available in the county you live in.

c.    You need inpatient chemical dependency treatment at a location that you can't reasonably access.

3.    If you refuse or fail to complete an assessment or treatment without good cause, your benefits will end until you provide proof you are pursuing an assessment or treatment as required.

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