WAC 388-450-0113

Effective January 1, 2014

WAC 388-450-0113 Does the department allocate income of a housing and essential needs (HEN) referral recipient to legal dependents?

This section applies to referrals to the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program.

  1. The income of a HEN referral recipient is reduced by the following:
    1. The HEN referral earned income disregard as specified in WAC 388-450-0178; and
    2. The amount of current and/or back child support that the recipient is paying each month under a court or administrative order. If the monthly child support payment is greater than the department's standard of need, income is instead reduced by the department's standard of need.
  2. When a HEN referral recipient in a medical institution, alcohol or drug treatment center, congregate care facility or adult family home has income, the income is countable to meet the recipient's needs after the income is reduced by the following:
    1. The HEN referral program income limit for the nonapplying spouse and legal dependents living in the home; and
    2. The standard of assistance the client is eligible for while residing in the alternative care facility.

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