WAC 388-450-0190

Effective October 1, 2014

WAC 388-450-0190 How does the department figure my shelter cost income deduction for Basic Food?


 The department calculates your shelter cost income deduction as follows: 

1.    First, we add up the amounts your assistance unit (AU) must pay each month for shelter. We do not count any overdue amounts, late fees, penalties or mortgage you make ahead of time as an allowable cost. We count the following expenses as an allowable shelter cost in the month the expense is due:

a.    Monthly rent, lease, and mortgage payments;

b.    Property taxes;

c.    Homeowner's association or condo fees;

d.    Homeowner's insurance for the building only;

e.    Utility allowance your AU is eligible for under WAC 388-450-0195;

f.     Out-of-pocket repairs for the home if it was substantially damaged or destroyed due to a natural disaster such as a fire or flood;

g.    Expense of a temporarily unoccupied home because of employment, training away from the home, illness, or abandonment caused by a natural disaster or casualty loss if your:

                                      i.        AU intends to return to the home;

                                    ii.        AU has current occupants who are not claiming the shelter costs for Basic Food purposes; and

                                   iii.        AU's home is not being leased or rented during your AU's absence.

2.    Second, we subtract all deductions your AU is eligible for under WAC 388-450-0185 (1) through (4) from your AU's countable income. The result is your AU's net income.

3.    Finally, we subtract one-half of your AU's countable income from your AU's total shelter costs. The result is your excess shelter costs. Your AU's shelter cost deduction is the excess shelter costs:

a.    Up to a maximum of four hundred ninety dollars if no one in your AU is elderly or disabled; or

b.    The entire amount if an eligible person in your AU is elderly or disabled, even if the amount is over four hundred ninety dollars.

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