WAC 388-450-0195

Effective October 1, 2014

WAC 388-450-0195 Does the department use my utility costs when calculating my Basic Food or WASHCAP benefits?

1.      The department uses utility allowances instead of the actual utility costs your assistance unit (AU) pays when we determine your:

a.      Monthly benefits under WAC 388-492-0070 if you receive WASHCAP;or

b.       Shelter cost income deduction under WAC 388-450-0190 for Basic Food.

2.      For Basic Food, "utilities" include the following:

a.  Heating or cooling fuel;

b.  Electricity or gas;

c.  Water;

d.  Sewer

e.  Well installation/maintenance;

f.  Septic tank installation/maintenance;

g.  Garbage /trash collection; and

h.   Telephone service.

3.      We use the amounts below if you have utility costs separate from your rent or mortgage payment:

a.       If your AU has heating or cooling costs or receives more than twenty dollars in Low Income Home Energy Assistance Act (LIHEAA) benefits each year, you get a standard utility allowance (SUA) of four hundred fifteen dollars.

b.      If your AU does not qualify for the SUA and you have any two utility costs listed in subsection (2) of this section, you get a limited utility allowance (LUA) of three hundred thirty six dollars.

c.       If your AU has only telephone costs and no other utility costs, you get a telephone utility allowance (TUA) of sixty-five dollars.

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