WAC 388-455-0005

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-455-0005 How do lump sum payments affect benefits?

  1. A lump sum payment is money that someone receives but does not expect to receive on a continuing basis.
  2. For cash assistance programs, we count a lump sum payment :
    1. As a resource, under 388-455-0010, if it was awarded for wrongful death, personal injury, damage, or loss of property.
    2. As income, under 388-455-0015, if it was received for any other reason, with the exception of subsection (3) and (4) of this section.
  3. For cash assistance programs, tax refunds and earned income tax lump sums are excluded as income and excluded as a resource for twelve months from the date of receipt.
  4. For Basic Food, we count lump sum payments for a previous period as a resource under WAC 388-470-0055.  We count any amount for current or future months as income to your assistance unit.

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