WAC 388-458-0011

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-458-0011 DSHS sends you a denial letter when you can't get benefits.

  1. When we finish processing your application, we send you a denial letter if you cannot get benefits.

  2. On this letter, we tell you:

    1. Why you cannot get benefits;

    2. The rules that support our decision;

    3. The date we finished processing your application; and

    4. Your right to have your case reviewed or ask for an administrative  hearing. 

  3. If we are denying your application because you did not give us information that we needed and we can’t figure out if you are eligible without it, we also tell you on the letter:

    1. What information you didn’t give to us;

    2. The date we asked for the information and the date it was due;

    3. That we cannot figure out if you can get benefits without this information; and

    4. That we will review your eligibility if:

      1. For cash assistance, you give us the information within 30 days of the date of the notice; or

      2. For food assistance, you give us the information within 60 days of the date you applied.

  4. We send denial letters to you according to the rules in Chapter WAC 388-406.

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