WAC 388-458-0025

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-458-0025 We send you a change letter if the amount of benefits you are getting is changing.

  1. We send you a change letter if the amount of benefits you are getting is changing. 

  2. On the letter, we tell you:

    1. What your benefits are changing to;

    2. When the change is going to happen;

    3. The reason for the change;

    4. The rules that support our decision; and

    5. Your right to have your case reviewed or ask for a fair hearing.

  3. We send the letter to you before the change happens. If your benefits are going down, we give you at least ten days notice unless:

    1. You ask us to reduce your benefits;

    2. We have to change benefits for a lot of people at once because of a law change;

    3. For cash and food assistance:

      1. We told you on your approval letter that your benefits might change every month because you have fluctuating income; or

      2. We already told you that the supplement would end.

    4. For cash assistance, we told you that the AREN payment described in WAC 388-436-0002 was for one month only.

  4. The ten-day count starts on the day we mail or give you the letter and ends on the tenth day.

  5. If we don’t have to give you ten days notice, we send the letter to you:

    1. For cash assistance, by the date of the action.

    2. For food assistance, by the date you normally get your benefits.

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