WAC 388-460-0005

Effective December 1, 2003

WAC 388-460-0005 Can I choose someone to apply for Basic Food for my assistance unit?

Your Basic Food assistance unit (AU) can choose an adult who is not a member of the AU to act on their behalf.  This is called an authorized representative. 

  1. A responsible member of the AU can name, in writing, an authorized representative.  A responsible member of the AU is either:

    1. The applicant;

    2. The applicant's spouse;

    3. Another member of the AU the applicant states is able to conduct business on behalf of all members in the AU.

  2. The AU's authorized representative has the authority to apply for Basic Food on the AU's behalf.

  3. If you receive Basic Food benefits in a qualified drug and alcohol treatment facility under WAC 388-408-0040, you must have an employee of the facility as your authorized representative for Basic Food.

  4. If the authorized representative provides information to the department that causes an AU to have an overpayment, the AU members are liable for the overpayment.

  5. An authorized representative may act on behalf of more than one Basic Food AU only if the Community Services Office Administrator approves.

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