WAC 388-460-0020

Effective November 1, 2011

WAC 388-460-0020 Who is a protective payee?

  1. A protective payee is a person or an employee of an agency who manages client cash benefits to provide for basic needs - housing, utilities, clothing, child care, and food.  They may also provide services such as training clients how to manage money.  
  2. Clients are assigned to protective payees for the following reasons:
    1. Emergency or temporary situations where a child is left without a caretaker (TANF/SFA) per  WAC 388-460-0030;
    2. Mismanagement of money (TANF/SFA, PWA, ABD cash, or WCCC) per WAC 388-460-0035; or
    3. Pregnant or parenting minors per WAC 388-460-0040.

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