WAC 388-460-0025

Effective July 1, 2002

WAC 388-460-0025 Who can be a protective payee?

  1. Clients may ask for a particular protective payee, but the department makes the final choice. 

  2. Protective payees must contract with the department, except for employees of the department who are assigned this function as part of their job duties.  

  3. The contracted protective payee and their staff must pass a criminal background check for the crimes listed in WAC 388-06-0170, 0180 and 0190. 

  4. A departmental employee acting as a protective payee cannot: 

    1. Have the client in their caseload, 

    2. Have the client in the caseloads of other employees under their supervision, 

    3. Be responsible for determining or issuing benefits for the client, 

    4. Be the office administrator, or 

    5. Be a special investigator. 

  5. For TANF/SFA, a department employee cannot act as a protective payee when the department has legal custody or responsibility for placement and care of the child.

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