WAC 388-460-0050

Effective July 1, 2002

WAC 388-460-0050 When is a client transferred from a protective payee to guardianship?

  1. In emergency cases where a person is physically or mentally unable to manage their own funds, the client is referred to other divisions of the department for full care, including guardianship.  

  2. In cases where a child is eligible for TANF/SFA and the caretaker relative does not use the benefits for adequate care of the child, the case can be referred to the attorney general to establish a limited guardianship. 

  3. Guardianships are used only if it appears there is a need for services that are expected to last longer than two years. 

  4. These guardianships are limited to management of DSHS benefits. 

  5. The protective payee plan is changed if a guardian is appointed.  The guardian is designated as the payee.

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