WAC 388-460-0060

Effective July 1, 2002

WAC 388-460-0060 When are protective payee plans done?

A protective payee plan may be developed when a case is assigned to a protective payee.  

  1. A copy of the plan is provided to the protective payee and the client. 

  2. All cases, except for when a protective payee is assigned due to sanction status, must be reviewed: 

    1. After an initial three-month period; and 

    2. At least every six months beyond the initial period for on going cases. 

  3. Reviews include evaluation of: 

    1. The need for the client to continue in protective payee status; or 

    2. The need to change the plan; or 

    3. The client's potential to assume control of their funds (or be removed from protective payee status); and 

    4. Protective payee performance.

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