WAC 388-472-0010

Effective June 1, 2001

WAC 388-472-0010 What are necessary supplemental accommodation services (NSA)?

Necessary supplemental accommodation (NSA) services are services provided to you if you have a mental, neurological, physical or sensory impairment or other problems that prevent you from getting program benefits in the same way that an unimpaired person would get them.

NSA services include but are not limited to:

  1. Arranging for or providing help to complete and submit forms to us; 

  2. Helping you give or get the information we need to decide or continue eligibility;

  3. Helping you request continuing benefits;

  4. If you miss an appointment or deadline, contacting you about the reason before we reduce or end your benefits;

  5. Explaining to you the reduction in or ending of your benefits (see WAC 388-418-0020);

  6. If we know you have a person who helps you with your applications, notifying them when we need information or when we are about to reduce or end your benefits;

  7. Assisting you with requests for fair hearings;

  8. Providing protective payments if needed, according to WAC 388-265-1250; and

  9. On request, reviewing our decision to terminate, suspend or reduce your benefits.

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