WAC 388-472-0020

Effective June 1, 2001

WAC 388-472-0020 How does the department decide if I am eligible for NSA services?

When you, as head of household, apply for benefits either in person or by phone, we screen you to decide if you meet NSA requirements. We explain NSA services to you during the screening. 

  1. We identify you as NSA if you:

    1. Say you need NSA services in order to have equal access to our programs and services;

    2. Have or claim to have a mental impairment;

    3. Have a developmental disability;

    4. Are disabled by alcohol or drug addiction;

    5. Are unable to read or write in any language; or

    6. Are a minor not residing with your parents.

  2. We identify you as NSA if we observe you to have cognitive limitations, whether or not you have a disability, which may prevent you from understanding the nature of NSA services or affect your ability to access our programs. Cognitive limitations are limitations in your ability to communicate, understand, remember, process information, exercise judgement and make decisions, perform routine tasks or relate appropriately with others.

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