WAC 388-472-0030

Effective June 1, 2001

WAC 388-472-0030 How can I get NSA services?

  1. After we screen you for NSA eligibility and initially identify your case as NSA, we mark your case file with a uniform NSA identifier. 

  2. After you are initially identified as NSA, we complete an assessment to confirm your NSA designation.

  3. If the assessment confirms your NSA designation, we develop an accommodation plan that specifies the services we will provide to you to improve your access to our programs and services.

  4. If you are designated as NSA according to WAC 388-472-0020(1)&(2), we include all the NSA services listed in WAC 388-472-0010 in your accommodation plan.

  5. Based on your request or a change in your needs, the NSA designation and the accommodation plan may be assessed and changed.

  6. Even if you are eligible to receive NSA services you may refuse NSA services.

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