WAC 388-472-0050

Effective June 1, 2001

WAC 388-472-0050 What if I don't accept or follow through with program requirements because I'm not able to or I don't understand them?

  1. We consider how your limitation or impairment affects your ability to accept and follow through on all program requirements. This can include, but is not limited to, your actions in failing to:

    1. Follow through with medical treatment;

    2. Follow through with referrals to other agencies; 

    3. Provide timely income reports;

    4. Maintain employment;

    5. Participate in food assistance employment and training; or

    6. Participate in the WorkFirst program.

  2. If we decide your limitation was the cause of your refusal to accept or failure to follow through on these requirements, we will find that you have good cause and we will not take any adverse action.

  3. Following a finding of good cause not to have followed through with the requirement, we will review your accommodation plan to assure that all services necessary to enable you to meet the program requirements are being provided to you.

  4. If we are unable to accommodate your condition so that you are able to participate in program requirements, we will waive program requirements.

  5. If participation in program requirements is not waived, you must cooperate with program requirements.

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