WAC 388-474-0012

Effective April 9, 2005

WAC 388-474-0012 What is a state supplemental payment and who can get it?

  1. The state supplemental payment (SSP) is a state funded cash assistance program for certain clients who the Social Security Administration determines are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

  2. You can get an SSP if:

    1. You are a grandfathered SSI recipient under WAC 388-474-0001

    2. You are an individual with an ineligible spouse under WAC 388-474-0001;

    3. You receive SSI because you are age sixty-five or older under WAC 388-474-0001;

    4. You receive SSI because you are blind under WAC 388-474-0001;

    5. You are determined eligible for SSP by the division of developmental disabilities; or

    6. You are eligible for and receive SSI as a foster child receiving specific services through Children’s Administration Behavior Rehabilitation Services (BRS) for part or all of a month and not eligible for foster care reimbursement under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act.

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