WAC 388-488-0010

Effective September 1, 1998

WAC 388-488-0010 Transfer of property to qualify for food assistance

  1. An assistance unit is disqualified from the program when it transfers a resource to qualify or attempt to qualify for benefits:
    1. Three months prior to the month of application; or
    2. Beginning the month the household is approved for benefits.  
  2. The length of disqualification depends on the dollar amount the household is over the resource limit. The countable resources transferred are added to the assistance unit’s other countable resources. This total is compared to the resource limit. The amount in excess of the resource limit is located on the chart below to determine the length of the disqualification period.

Amount Over the Resource Limit

Disqualification Period
$ 0 - $ 249.99 1 month
250 - 999.99 3 months
1,000 - 2,999.99 6 months
3,000 - 4,999.99 9 months
5,000 and over 12 months
  1. The disqualification period begins:

    1. For applicants, the month of application; or

    2. For recipients, the first of the month after the advance notice period expires.

  2. An assistance unit will not be disqualified for transferring the following:

    1. Excluded resources that do not affect eligibility;

    2. Resources sold or traded at or near fair market value (FMV);

    3. Resources transferred between assistance unit members of the same household including ineligible household members; and

    4. Resources transferred for reasons other than to qualify for benefits.

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