WAC 388-489-0015

Effective August 1, 2010

WAC 388-489-0015 How Long Will My Household Receive Transitional Food Assistance?

If your Basic Food assistance unit is eligible for Transitional Food Assistance according to WAC 388-489-0005, you will receive Transitional Food Assistance for up to five months after your household leaves Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.  

  1. If you stopped getting Temporary Assistance for Needy Families from the department, you are eligible for transitional benefits beginning the month after your household received their last grant.

  2. If you stopped receiving Tribal TANF benefits, you are eligible for transitional benefits:

    1. With the next monthly issuance after we update your case to show you no longer have Tribal TANF income, if the Tribal TANF end date is the end of the current month or the end of a prior month; or

    2. On the first of the month following the Tribal TANF end date, if the Tribal TANF end date is the end of a future month.

  3. If necessary, we will extend or shorten your Basic Food assistance unit’s current certification period to match the five-month transition period.

  4. You may choose to end your five-month transition period early by submitting an application for regular Basic Food under WAC 388-489-0022 or by asking us to terminate your benefits.

  5. We send you a notice before the end of your five-month transition period so you can re-apply for regular Basic Food benefits and continue to receive benefits without interruption as described under WAC 388-434-0010.

  6. We may terminate your Transitional Food Assistance early for the reasons stated in WAC 388-489-0025.

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