WAC 388-489-0020

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-489-0020 Am I Required to Report Changes in My Household's Circumstances while on Transitional Food Assistance?

  1. If you only receive Transitional Food Assistance, you are not required to report any changes in your household circumstances.
  2. If you receive benefits from another cash program, you must meet the reporting requirements for the other program as required by WAC 388-418-0005. Except for changes listed under WAC 388-489-0025, the changes you report for the other program will not affect your household's eligibility for Transitional Food Assistance.
  3. If your household experiences a change in circumstances during your five-month transition period, and you think that you may be eligible for more food assistance, you may submit an application for the regular Basic Food program under WAC 388-489-0022. Examples of such changes include the loss of income by a person who gets Transitional Food Assistance with you or adding a new person to your household.

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