WAC 388-492-0080

Effective December 18, 2010

WAC 388-492-0080 Where do I report changes?

1.    You report all changes to the Social Security Administration (SSA) according to their reporting requirements. Social Security reports these changes to your WASHCAP worker.   

2.    SSA will not accept or report shelter cost changes to WASHCAP until SSA does its redetermination.

3.    You do not have to report any changes to your WASHCAP worker.

4.    You can choose to report the following changes to your WASHCAP worker to see if you will get more food benefits:

a.    A change in your address;

b.    An increase in your shelter costs; or

c.    An increase in your out-of-pocket medical expenses.

5.    If you or someone you authorize reports changes to DSHS, proof may be required.

6.    If you report a change that could increase the amount of your food benefits, we will not increase the benefit amount if we have asked for proof and it has not been provided.

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