WAC 388-505-0270

Effective November 1, 2011

WAC 388-505-0270 When an involuntary commitment to Eastern or Western State Hospital is covered by medicaid. (Emergency rule effective 02/29/12.)

(1) Individuals admitted to Eastern or Western State Hospital for inpatient psychiatric treatment may qualify for categorically needy (CN) medicaid coverage and aged, blind, disabled (ABD) cash benefits to cover their personal needs allowance (PNA).

(2) To be eligible under this program, individuals must:

(a) Be eighteen through twenty years of age or sixty-five years of age or older;

(b) Meet institutional status under WAC 388-513-1320;

(c) Be involuntarily committed to an inpatient treatment program by a court order under chapter 71.34 RCW;

(d) Meet the general eligibility requirements for the ABD cash program as described in WAC 388-400-0060;

(e) Have countable income below the payment standard described in WAC 388-478-0040; and

(f) Have countable resources below one thousand dollars.  Individuals eligible under the provisions of this section may not apply excess resources towards the cost of care to become eligible.  An individual with resources over the standard is not eligible for assistance under this section.

(3) ABD clients who receive active psychiatric treatment in Eastern or Western State Hospital at the time of their twenty-first birthday continue to be eligible for medicaid coverage until the date they are discharged from the facility or until their twenty-second birthday, whichever occurs first. 

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