WAC 388-513-1325

Effective November 22, 2012

WAC 388-513-1325 Determining available income for an SSI-related single client for long-term care (LTC) services (institutional, waiver or hospice).

This section describes income the department considers available when determining an SSI-related single client’s eligibility for LTC services (institutional, waiver or hospice).

  1. Refer to WAC 388-513-1330 for rules related to available income for legally married couples.
  2. The department must apply the following rules when determining income eligibility for SSI-related LTC services:
    1. WAC 182-512-0600 Definition of income;
    2. WAC 182-512-0650 Available income;
    3. WAC 182-512-0700 Income eligibility;
    4. WAC 182-512-0750 Countable unearned income;
    5. WAC 182-514-0840(3) Self employment income-allowable expenses;
    6. WAC 388-513-1315(15) Eligibility for long-term care (institutional, waiver, and hospice) services; and
    7. WAC 388-450-0155, 388-450-0156, 388-450-0160 and 182-509-0155  for sponsored immigrants and how to determine if sponsors' income counts in determining benefits.

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