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Maintaining Child Study Treatment Center

Food Services

All meals are prepared on-site by a full contingent of experienced cooks and food service personnel. Meals meet precise nutritional guidelines and are tailored to the young population CSTC serves. In addition to meals, the cooking staff helps to nurture the patients by preparing personalized birthday cakes and good-bye cakes when patients leave CSTC. They also provide special meals and snacks, as well as specific physician ordered diets as required. Meals are served in a family style dining room and are prepared on the cottage. The kitchen staff interacts with the children and does their best to make meal time as fun and interactive as it can be in the home environment.


CSTC has a Maintenance Department dedicated to keeping the residential cottages safe, secure, and in full repair for clients, staff and visitors. The Maintenance Department works closely with all cottage staff to promote a safe living and working environment. Maintenance is also regularly in the cottages and school buildings interacting with the patients during the times they are completing work orders. Further, they occupy a building on campus grounds, and have the resources, skills and abilities to assure full maintenance of both the inside and outside our physical plant. Maintenance responds to both facility repair (patch and paint) and sudden problems (clogged toilet, broken heater) through a network of triage, troubleshooter, and order received systems. The physical plant consists of 6 buildings located on the far eastern side of the Western State Hospital Campus. One large building provides administrative and professional offices, conference rooms and the Oak Grove Elementary School and gymnasium. Another building houses the Secondary School, Firwood. Three buildings are the actual cottages, Orcas, Ketron and Camano. The final building is a recreation and maintenance cottage for storage of supplies.

Housekeeping Services

Each area of CSTC has a dedicated housekeeper, who ensures a clean, sanitary and pleasant living environment for patients, staff and visitors. These services provide comfort and a sense of caring to. Please notify the housekeeper of any conditions that appear concerning or need attention. Our housekeepers are friendly and do interact with cottage residents, so please do not hesitate to introduce yourself and say hello.
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