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Our Mission

Eastern State Hospital is a key partner in assisting adults with psychiatric illness in their recovery through expert inpatient treatment whenever needs exceed community resources.


  1. To create a place of safety and respect for the people we serve and all staff.
  2. To work with those we serve in a trauma informed and safe environment in which person-centered treatment is always the goal.
  3. To reduce the use of seclusion and restraint so that the environment promotes a partnership in healing.
  4. To provide current, evidence-based and effective inpatient treatment interventions, programs and activities that promote recovery.
  5. To provide services that empower individuals, instill hope, support self-discovery and independence, and provide opportunities for growth, recovery and return to the community.

Nonviolence Statement

Eastern State Hospital is a place to heal.  To be a healing place, we all work to keep this a safe and nonviolent environment.  We ask that we all avoid violence in any form.  Violence is not an acceptable behavior in this community.  Violence includes:

  • Acts of hitting, or striking out
  • Using language, words, or gestures that hurt another person, put them down, ridicule them
  • Threats of violence through words or actions
  • Hurting yourself in any way
  • Damaging property

With this expectation, we can all make this a safe place that has a sense of security and trust.

Core Values Recovery Principles
  • Empowerment of patients
  • Empowerment of staff to assist
    patients in their recovery
  • Recognition and acceptance
    of change
  • Flexibility
  • Individualized care
  • Safety 
  • Recovery
  • Partnerships with community
    providers, family and friends
  • Accessibility and integration of services
  • Hope
  • Self management and autonomy
  • Dignity and self respect
  • Tolerance and forgiveness
  • Adaptability and capacity to change
  • Restoration and personal growth
  • Personal responsibility
    and productivity
  • Peer support and community life
  • Acceptance and self awareness

By embracing the core values and principles of a recovery model, ESH provides services that empower individuals, instill hope and support self-discovery and independence. Recovery is the personal process of living a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life while managing the challenges of a mental illness.


Eastern State Hospital (ESH) is a state psychiatric hospital fully accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. ESH provides a complete range of services for persons with mental illness.

Eastern State Hospital is a partner with individuals, families, advocates, community healthcare providers, regional support networks, employee organizations, educational organizations, and local and state government systems to provide services to individuals in 21 eastern Washington counties.

The hospital provides inpatient treatment to adults on three treatment units. The Adult Psychiatric Unit serves adults who are experiencing acute or chronic psychiatric illness. The Geropsychiatric Unit serves adults age 50 and over and those who have special medical and/or physical needs. The Forensic Services Unit provides evaluation and treatment for adults referred to the hospital by the judicial system (Court Order form) and runs the Community Competency Evaluation Program.

Eastern State Hospital participates with the Washington Institute for Mental Illness Research and Training, Washington State University, Eastern Washington University, North Idaho College, Community Colleges of Spokane and the University of Washington to provide training for a variety of disciplines.

Workshops are held periodically at the hospital including the Family Education Workshop. Any interested person is welcome to attend. Please contact (509) 565-4408 for information regarding these workshops.

Visitors are encouraged and welcome to visit every day of the year. Please contact the hospital for visiting hours and requirements for each unit.

If you want to talk with a staff member, please contact the hospital and make an appointment prior to your visit.

Eastern State Hospital employs a variety of clinical disciplines and support services staff. Please contact the hospital's personnel office at (509) 565-4460 if you are interested in employment.

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