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2009 Announcements

E-News announces the latest information about ODHH, legislative bills, government news related to disabilities, or government job vacancies for people with disabilities. To subscribe, please complete the "Individuals: Subscription and Directory" form. We do not distribute on behalf of non-profits or businesses. However you may request a listing of various listservs via email at

  • ODHH Symposium:  Past, Present, Future 1979-2009

Information, transcripts, presentations and video about the “ODHH Symposium:  Past, Present, Future 1979-2009” held on Friday November 13, 2009 is now available.

  • Final FY11 Budget

The first document is to give you background about the how we budget, the budget process, and what services or expenditures we are funding. It also explains the impact of the Governor’s 2010 Supplemental Budget. The second document is the proposed budget itself. Please feel free to email any questions or feedback to:

  • Center on Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss

Center on Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss was established recently with passage of HB1879 during the 2009 legislative session. CDHL is an ‘umbrella agency’ that includes the Washington School for the Deaf. Per HB 1879, CDHL is hosting stakeholder meetings to gather public opinion about deaf education in the public school systems. More information about CDHL and HB 1879 here To obtain information about CDHL Stakeholder meetings in American Sign Language, check out the video!