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Sign Language Interpreters

Washington State agencies are obligated to provide sign language interpreters upon request to deaf or hard of hearing individuals who are seeking accessible government services.  ODHH administers the statewide contracts to purchase sign language interpreter services.  ODHH also monitors contractual compliance including quality of services, certification of interpreters, and adherence to best practices.

Using the Service

The statewide contracts with sign language interpreters and referral agencies are available for all DSHS Requesters, as well as other departments, government agencies and organizations qualified to use the Washington State Master Contracts Usage Agreement.

Request an Interpreter

To make a request for a sign language interpreter, download the form below and fill it out with complete information. It can then be sent electronically or faxed directly to the contractors.

  • 17-123a, "Request for Sign Language Interpreter" PDF, Word

Authorized requesters are encouraged to make requests for sign language interpreters as soon as possible after the appointment is first scheduled.  This allows time for the best match to be found based on certain criteria. Contractors are obligated to confirm whether an interpreter can be assigned to an appointment within 48 hours of request.

Interpreters and Agencies by Location

Scheduling an Appropriate Interpreter

There are important factors to consider when hiring a sign language interpreter. A client’s particular needs and preferences must be regarded and honored. The requester and contractor must not use family members or interpreters not approved by ODHH.

Sections of the "Request for Sign Language Interpreter" (PDF, Word) will indicate the client’s sign language preference, appointment setting details and whether a specific interpreter is preferred.

Requesters must fill out all parts of the form including all possible information regarding the client's communication needs, appointment setting, preferences and any other known factors. Contractors must make reasonable effort to appropriately match the interpreter's certification and experience with this information.

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