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Court Interpreting

Standards for Sign Language Interpreters in Washington Courts

The department is amending Chapter 388-818 WAC, formally establishing standards for sign language interpreters to interpret in legal proceedings, with a new sub-section. Other related changes that arise during this rule-making may be incorporated.

ODHH has worked collaboration with the Administrative Office of the Courts and members of the deaf, interpreting, and judicial communities to develop standards for sign language interpreters in legal proceedings. These standards will assist us in complying with state law, and will provide Washington Courts with a list of qualified interpreters (RCW 2.42). If you would like to read the report that our workgroup developed,  it is located here. This may give you some background information on how we developed these standards.

To review the recommended language for WAC 388-818-500.

We encourage you to e-mail, call, mail, and fax us with your comments.