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National Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution Program FAQ

What is the NDBEDP?
The NDBEDP is a two year “Pilot Project” funded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure Deaf-Blind people have access to different kinds of communication. ODHH has been certified by the FCC as of July 2, 2012 to administer the NDBEDP project in Washington State.

Who is eligible to apply?
A person who is recognized as “Deaf-Blind” by an approved professional, meets Keller National Center (HKNC) Act definition of Deaf-Blind and has low income is eligible to apply for participation in the NDBEDP.

How much money will Washington State receive?
The FCC will give Washington State up to $197,600 per year to pay for services and equipment.

What kind of equipment will be available?
Equipment will be decided on an individual case by case basis depending on a client’s communication goals, needs and abilities. An example would be the iPad with braille display.

How do I apply and what documents do I need?
Applicants will be required to submit a completed application form along with income verification documentation such as a pay stub, tax form or SSDI/SSI letter. Verification of disability can be verified by a community based provider with a history of providing services to deaf-blind persons or a licensed medical professional.

What happens after I apply?
Applications will be reviewed by ODHH to determine eligibility and need as well as funding availability. You will receive a letter telling you the status of your application.

Will there be a waiting list?
Yes, because there is such a small amount of money to serve many people in Washington State, there may be a waiting list until more funding becomes available.

When will I receive assessment and training?
After a letter of notification is received from ODHH approving your application, you will be referred to a qualified NDBEDP evaluator to review your unique communications needs. Upon completion of the evaluator’s assessment, ODHH will review and may approve referral to a NDBEDP trainer who will train you how to you use the communication device selected for your communication needs.

Who owns the equipment?
Equipment that is provided through the NDBEDP is on loan and remains the property of the State of Washington.

Will the NDBEDP cover my monthly service costs?
No. Clients are responsible for any costs associated with internet or wireless services.

Where can I obtain more information about the NDBEDP?
You may obtain information about NDBDEP such as the NDBEDP Consumer Guide from the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) website by following the following link:


To contact ODHH, please call us at 360-902-8000 (V/TTY), 1-800-422-7930 V/TTY, 360-339-7382 (VP), or email at