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TED - Available Equipment

Amplified Phone

The Ameriphone XL40 Amplified Telephone is designed for individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss. The volume and tone can be adjusted to meet the individual's specific needs.

Ameriphone XL40 Manual (PDF)

Teletypewriter (TTY)

Image - XL40 Amplified Phone
The Teletypewriter (TTY) allows an individual to send and receive messages by typing. Messages appear on a display screen and can also be printed on paper.

Ultratec SuperPrint 4425 Manual (PDF)

Remote Control Speaker Phone

The Remote Control Speaker phone (RCS) is a "hands-free" speakerphone for use by individuals with mobility limitations who also have a hearing loss or speech disability. Ameriphone RC200 Remote Control Speakerphone Manual (PDF)


Voice Carryover telephone (VCO)


The Voice Carry Over (VCO) Telephone by Ameriphone allows an individual to read the incoming conversation and verbally reply, without typing their responses. VCO calls are placed through the Washington Relay Service. VCO benefits individuals who have difficulty understanding spoken conversations over the telephone.

Ameriphone VCO Manual (PDF)

Lighted Ring Signaler (LRS)

Lighted Ring Signaler
The Lighted Ring Signaler (LRS) is a device which causes a lamp to flash when the telephone rings.

Sonic Alert TR75 Instructions (PDF)

Audible Ring Signaler (ARS)

The Audible Ring Signaler (ARS) is an adjustable loudness ringer that plugs into a telephone jack.

Ameriphone SuperPhone Ringer SR200 Manual (PDF)

Large Visual Display (LVD)

The Large Visual Display (LVD) is a large display screen that connects to either a TTY or VCO Phone. Individuals with low vision find the large display much easier to read than the standard TTY or VCO display. (model subject to change)

Ultratec Large Display for TTY Manual (PDF)

Captioned Telephone (CAP)

Image - XL40 Amplified Phone

CapTelĀ® 800 phone Requirements:
Connected phone line
Amplification up to 35 dB
Adjustable tone and volume
Adjustable ringer pitch 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio jacks

CapTel phone manual (PDF)