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ODHH Forms

Download various forms to obtain various services available to you. Our forms are available in alternative formats upon request.

Table of ODHH forms
Form Number Title Format
02-573 Background Check Identification Verification Word, PDF
02-578 TED Monthly Client Contact Report Word, PDF
02-585 Deaf-Blind Contact Report Word
03-468 Are You Satisfied Word
10-276 Washington Telecommunications Relay Service complaint form Word, PDF
10-411 "Don't Hang Up" complaint form Word, PDF
10-441 Individuals: Subscription and Directory Word, PDF, LP PDF
10-443 Organizations: Subscription and Directory Word, PDF
11-064 New Client Information Word
11-064lp New Client Information - Large Print Word
11-065 Service Delivery Plan Word
11-065lp Service Delivery Plan - Large Print Word
11-066 Assistive Listening Systems Request Word, PDF
11-074 Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Word
11-075 Conditions of Acceptance Word
11-076 CAPTEL Order Word
11-083 Communication Facilitator Service Word
11-085 Cost Difference Agreement Word
11-086 Returned Equipment Tracking Word
11-087 Trainer Monthly Billing Report Word
11-089 Trainers Worksheet for Other Expenses Word
14-264 Telecommunication Equipment Distribution Application Word, PDF
14-440 Non-Profit Organization Application for Reconditioned Equipment Word, PDF
17-123a Request for Sign Language Interpreter Word, PDF
17-155 Sign Language Interpreter Registration Form Word, PDF